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Clear Polythene Bags

XL Packaging Co manufacture and supply a wide range of clear polyethylene bags (commonly known as plastic,  polythene or poly bags) which are produced in either standard metric or imperial sizes to your exact specifications. Films and bags are made in various thicknesses to suit your specific needs, we will copy bags you are already using or we can work with you on designing and developing new packaging.

In other words we will design and supply flexible packaging to suit almost any purpose.

XL Packaging Co constantly work with on going customers once a need for a flexible packaging solution has been identified and aim to improve any appearance and packing issues that may arise, we will provide samples and smaller production runs to trial any new packaging before a full order is placed.

With well over 30 years’ experience in the flexible packaging industry you can be sure that whatever your packaging requirements we will be able to help you.

Polythene is a cost competitive and versatile form of packaging and is an ideal packaging solution for a wide range of industrial and consumer products.

Our plain polythene bags can be treated for label adhesion – This is where an electrical charge is passed through the material which microscopically alters the surface of the polythene to ensure secure & permanent label adhesion. This is the same process also used when the polythene is to be printed to ensure the printing inks can “key” to the film.

We have a number of plain different duty polythene bags & sacks available from stock in standard sizes. Polythene films are available in natural or coloured film and can be printed to specific customer requirements for a high quality personalised bag. Please see our page on Printing for further details.

Our ranges include:

Flat polythene bags: Standard Clear Polythene bags often used for general packing requirements.

Gusseted Clear polythene bags: Plastic bags with fitted bottom and expandable sides (gusset) formed to the shape of your product. A common use for Gusseted bags is as garment bags and box liners.

Perforated polythene bags: We can supply your polythene bags with perforations. These can either be with a number off 6mm cut out or butterfly perforations or micro-perforated (to still offer some protection from outside elements) to allow air in and out of the bag – to cover Health & Safety issues or to let a product “breath”. We can also produce polythene bags with a perforation line for easy tear off from either a wicket or produced as bags on a roll.

Block Bottom Bags: These are suitable for use as box liners where an exact fit is required. A common use for these bags is when powdered products are being packed and you do not want the product to gather in the folds of a normal gusseted bag.

Clear Polythene bags example

We hold a wide and comprehensive range of clear Polythene bags in stock and will also manufacture to your bespoke requirements

Please email or call with your requirements and we will advise of suitable stock items along with prices.

We can have delivery of stock items to you within 24 to 48 hours.

Please contact us on 01253 876593 to discuss your specific requirements or use our contact form.

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