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EVA and Metallocene Film and Bags

Blended Bags and Film for the frozen food and Packaged Ice Industries.

EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) and now becoming as popular Metallocene are additives extruded and blended with polyethylene. The main characteristic of these is to enable lower softening and melting points of the blended polythene film. It also increases the impact strength and puncture resistance of the polythene and also this material has improved sealability in the manufacturing & packing processes.

EVA and Metallocene low melt bags

We are able to manufacture bags and film with an EVA blend which enables the bags or film to stay soft and not become brittle under freezer conditions, this will ensure the bags do not split under frozen storage conditions. Common uses for this type of bag are for Ice, Frozen Meats or Vegetables or any product that needs to be packed and stored in polythene. These bags and films can be manufactured plain or printed. EVA Blended Bags are suitable for freezer use down to temperatures of -30C.

EVA Blended Bags and Film for the Rubber and Chemical Industries.

This type of material is also used in the Rubber and Chemical Industries to store and add Chemical additives to their manufacturing processes. The low melt temperature of the EVA Blend and its excellent dispersal properties means the additive and the EVA Blend packaging can be added to the process without removing the packaging ensuring standardisation of the additive mix in the manufacturing process. Bags and Films can be supplied which have specified melt temperatures to ensure a controlled melt. These bespoke products are manufactured to order.

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