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Pallet Wrap

Pallet Wrap is the versatile stretchy film for economically wrapping round boxes, pallets and items to keep them secure – We stock flush rolls for use with dispensers and extended core rolls to hand wrap without the need for a dispenser. These are available in black, blue and clear.

Stretch wrap is widely used in industry to wrap and seal the contents of pallets prior to shipping.  Its key benefits are that it can bind individual loose items like boxes together into one secure package for safe transit.  It also protects the contents against weather, dirt and dust.

Stretch pallet wrap

Hand stretch film rolls and machine stretch film rolls are often referred to as pallet wrap or stretch wrap.  We sell pallet wrap in a range of sizes and colours.  Our blown film is a good all round general purpose pallet wrap film for stabilising and securing pallets.  Blown film is ‘tacky’ on both sides, effectively sticking to itself when applied.

Types of Stretch Film & Pallet Wrap

Standard Pallet Wrap

Extended Core Pallet Wrap

Stretch wrap with an extended core can easily be applied without a dispenser as it can be held by the cardboard core.

Machine Stretch Wrap

Very large rolls of pallet wrap, designed to be used with stretch wrap machinery.

Security Stretch Film

Opaque black pallet wrap prevents your goods from being identified once wrapped on the pallet.

Pallet wrap examples

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