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Bubble Wrap

At XL Packaging we stock & supply a wide range of bubble wrap from small convenient rolls that are perfect for the occasional business user to extra heavy duty large bubble wrap rolls in long lengths. Bubble wrap is a light weight protective product; its air filled bubbles absorb shock and resist abrasion.  Used for a variety of applications from general wrapping and surface protection, interleaving and void fill. Our wide range of bubble wrap is suitable for use with fragile to heavy duty items in transit and storage.

bubble wrap roll

Bubble wrap is one of the most popular packaging choices and for very good reason. It provides low cost, flexible cushioning protection for fragile products in transit and protects any surface from abrasion, corrosion and moisture damage. Our bubble wrap rolls are stocked and supplied in popular sizes, in large or small bubble and are easily dispensed by hand or roll dispenser.

Large bubble wrap is ideal for void fill, cushioning and bubble wrap insulation. The large bubble provides maximum cushion protection for products while in transit.

Small bubble wrap is ideal for surface protection, cushioning and bubble wrap insulation.

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