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Bespoke packaging solution for the laundry industry

At UK Polythene Packaging Ltd we are always looking at ways to help our customers come up with new solutions to their packaging needs.

A recent example of this is when our customer had a requirement for a low slip laundry film for their new fully automated industrial laundry facility. The requirement was for the material to have the specific low slip qualities normally found in a thicker film but was required in the thickness of their previous wrapping films.  Here the UK Polythene Packaging team were able to react quickly to this challenge and trial a newly formulated polymer which had the properties required but in a thinner gauge more suited to the laundry process.

Just as important to the customer was the assurance that once a solution was found we had quality procedures in place to ensure future consistency of supply.  This is one instance of many where we can work together with our customers to achieve the best solution to their packaging requirements.

Please get in contact to discuss your requirements & goals and find out how UK Polythene Packaging Ltd can help you with your specific packaging needs.

Bespoke polythene packaging produced for the laundry industry

Bespoke polythene packaging solutions produced for the laundry industry

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